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What were the ages of the daughters of the Messenger Muhammed (pbuh) when they married?

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The age of the daughters of the Prophet Muhammed (saw) when they got married can be estimated based on the fact the Messenger of Allah (saw) married Khadija when he was 25 and he was granted Prophethood at the age of 40.  All of his (saw) daughters were married before he was given Prophethood except her last and youngest daughter Fatima (r) who was five at the time of his Prophethood.  Abu al-Aas bin Rabi was married to his eldest daughter Zainab, Ruqayyah the second eldest daughter was married to Utba bin Abi Lahab and her third daughter Umm e Kulsoom was married to another son of Abu Lahab, Utaibah.  So when the Prophet (saw) married at 25 and given Nabuwah at the age of 40, his eldest daughter couldn't have been more than 14 years old.  Zainab was born when Prophet (saw) was thirty years old and at the time of Prophethood her age becomes 10 when she was already married.  Ruqayyah was born when Prophet (saw) was 33 years old and her age becomes 7 when Prophet (saw) was given Nabuwah and she was too married and divorced at the age of 7 then she was married to Uthman r.a.  Umm e Kulsoom was elder than Fatima who was five years old and younger than Ruqayyah, so Umm e Kulsoom age becomes 6 years old at the time of Prophethood and she was too married and divorced at the age of six.  Thus the daughters of Prophet Muhammad (saw) were already married at the ages of ten, seven and six except for Fatima (r).

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