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Are Muslims in the West becoming too politically correct?

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Political correctness is never better than the truth. Diplomacy, good manners, wisdom, etiquette and pragmatism are all well and good, but if your understanding of these things results in you not being clear about where Islam stands on an issue, then you are either deceiving yourself or others into thinking that Islam is something it is not.

Let's be honest with ourselves. Muslims in the West wouldn't have gotten liberal support if there wasn't any compromise or misleading representation about what Islam actually teaches.

The Mut'im b. Adi analogy that some Muslims use to refer to liberals is a fallacious analogy. This individual supported the early Muslims from a boycott in Mecca despite being a non-Muslim. The most important distinction between the two, Mut'im and liberals, is Mut'im b. Adi gave his support to the Muslims, despite knowing what Islam actually tought. Liberals today support Islam because they are given a false representation of it by many Muslims. They are misled to believe Islam approves of or is neutral to much of the liberal ideology out there.

If liberals knew the truth, they would hate Islam. This temporary alliance with them hinges on Muslims continuing to deceive them or at the very least be willing to reject aspects of Islam not deemed pleasing to the liberals.

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