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Is there such a thing called Islamic leadership?

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Yes because in numerous ayat Allah swt obliges the following and implementation of an Islamic leadership. Eg 2:30 and 4:59

Ibn Kathir states in his tafsir of the above ayah, "Al-Qurtubi, as well as other scholars, said that this Ayah (2:30) proves the obligation of appointing a Khalifah to pass judgements on matters of dispute between people, to aid the oppressed against the oppressor, to implement the Islamic penal code and to forbid evil. There are many other tasks that can only be fulfilled by appointing the Imam and what is necessary in performing an obligation, is an obligation itself."

Similarly in ayah 4:59 "O you who believe! obey Allah and obey the Apostle and those in authority from among you" Imam Mawardi explains that this ayah obliges appointing a leader in order to fulfil the command of obeying such a leader. See in his Al ahkam as sultaniya.

The MUTAWATIR texts of the sunnah clearly oblige the leadership and it has further been agreed upon by the ijma as sahaba.

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