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How big is hell (jahanam)?

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According to Prophet Mohammed SAWS, one time when he and his sahabis were walking together, they heard a loud BOOM. When the sahabis finally got conscious from the tremendous impact, they asked Rasullallah (SAWS) what it was? They found out that a big rock that had been falling in jahanam for 70 years finally reached the bottom pit of Jahanam, the absolute bottom, the seventh level, Al Huwaiyah. It takes 42 minutes for a rock to go through the entire earth. In 70 years, the minutes would equal to 36792000. That would mean 36792000 divided by 42 would equal 876000. If 876000 earth would be lined up and have a hole cut through them, then it would equal to the rock's passage through the whole Jahanam, until reaches bottom pit.  My calculations and my thinking  May not be true

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