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Who was the most feared person at the time of the prophet Muhammed?

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At the time of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) the most feared person was likely the Meccan leader Abu Jahl, who was known for his opposition and persecution of the early Muslims. He was a prominent member of the Quraish tribe and was a vocal opponent of the Prophet (saw) .

There are several examples from the seerah that illustrate this :

  1. In the Bukhari it is reported that when the Prophet (saw) first began conveying Islam to he Meccan elites, Abu Jahl and other Meccan leaders actively tried to discourage people from listening to him and even offered money to those who would mock and insult the Prophet.

  2. According to seerah, Abu Jahl was one of the main leaders behind the boycott of the Banu Hashim clan in around year 5 of revelation, in an attempt to force the clan to withdraw their support (mana'a) for the Prophet (saw).

  3. Another hadith from Muslim reports when the Prophet (saw) and his companions migrated to Medina, Abu Jahl led a Meccan army to fight against them in the Battle of Badr.

  4. Abu Jahl was fatally and badly wounded by Mu'awwidh ibn Afra and Mu'adh ibn Amr and eventually killed by Abdullah ibn Masud in 624, when he died fighting the Muslims in the Battle of Badr.

These examples illustrate the strong opposition that Abu Jahl had towards the teachings of Islam and the persecution he inflicted on the early Muslims. He was considered one of the most feared person among the non-believers, who rejected the Prophet's (saw) message.

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