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A true story by a brother:

When I was 11 / 12 and possibly 13 years old a brother not more than 3/4 years older than me would meet me on my way back from the masjid or on my walks to the local shops / park and would talk to me about Islam, politics, current affairs, the purpose of life, discuss the salah, fasting, charity and so forth - proof of creator - proof of Qur'an - other faiths - atheism and so forth...

He would take me to his house and introduce me to his Family and invite me eat food with him. We would pray salah together. On two occasions he would stand outside the outdoor toilet and instruct me to how to perform istinja correctly as well as watch me perform wudu and advise if I made any mistakes.

During those years I would sit with his older friends / associates and listen into intense debates - he would regularly ask me to attend... Everything at that time was haze but I often think about those events as having a significant impact upon my life. If anyone knew me through my teenage years and early 20's they would know that I kind of lapsed and squandered around - but those things I learnt in my early years always stuck with me.

The point here is that the brother I mentioned above was at most 3/4 years older than me - he dedicated his life to this cause and I still see the same brother doing the same actions with other brothers.

The impact was amazing - this brother created a passion for for learning - a yearning for knowledge - a desire to help other Muslims and established conviction in my faith.

This brother was a HT member.

People sometimes ask me why I have so much respect for brothers associated with HT - it's because people who would never have had a chance in life and grown up to be sheep like the rest, were given the most valuable of gifts - to " teach one how to think".

In later years I also recall 2 other brothers with very different personalities, one an complete extrovert and the other reserved, both were the smartest well dressed men I ever met - both had lovely personalities, well spoken and excellent jobs - one would regularly invite me To his house to discuss and provide the very very best tea and biscuits - the other I didn't have much to do with but every time I visited a sick friend or relative at the hospital this person would be there - I would hear of how this brother visits families that are having difficulties and assist them in every way.

Both of the brothers I mentioned above are exactly the same today - both successful and still doing the same routine even whilst they have their own family commitments.

Both are HT Members

I strayed for a little while through my life and in recent years became acquainted again with a certain brother - this brother assisted and helped me with every aspect of my life - from the deen to philosophy to economics to politics to business the knowledge was passed on without any reservations - this would go on for years and is still ongoing - this brother is only a phone call away.

This brother was a HT member

Even today if I have issues or problems regarding anything there is a list of brothers I can approach who I know will assist me fee sabee Lillah - without any reservations - these brothers I have in mind are HT brothers.

Just wanted to share the above with you guy - firstly so those who don't know or understand HT get a clearer picture and secondly a message to those involved in dawah, know your efforts are never wasted - whether the person appreciates it at the time is irrelevant - the impact is lasting...

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