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Can Muslims in Britain practice Islam?

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Masters in Education from Nottingham University in the UK. Also studied Masters in Islamic Studies and Islamic Banking & Finance. Political activist with interests in Geopolitics, History and Phil ...
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Muslims in Britain struggle to follow their faith, deprived of the basic divine rights with insecurities growing day by day.

Can Muslims in Britain practice Islam?

Demonisation of an entire faith over the past decade by a hostile media and political class has led to widespread fear, insecurity and political correctness in Muslim communities, with the poisoning of their atmospheres through state projects that encourage informers, surveillance and propaganda, leaving communities full of suspicion and mistrust.

Funding and public platforms promoting "moderate" Muslims has led to mistrust in the media and state policies whilst the "undesirable" types who voice criticism have been persecuted, harassed, smeared, silenced, labelled and demonised. Other issues include:

Can Muslims in Britain practice Islam?
Arbitrary arrests, detentions without charge, Muslims serving years in prison without trial,
Stop and searches disproportionate to Muslims,
Intimidation and violence against women who choose Islamic dress codes,
Legislation curtailing many rights to speak with thought crimes creating a chill amongst activists,
Hollowing of parental rights over children and the atomisation of familial structures, with suggestions of children being taken away from "extremist" Muslim parents
Muslim schools, mosques, charities, voluntary groups and radio stations forced to promote neo-liberal values
Higher education unobtainable without usurious student loans, with students and activities heavily scrutinised by media, universities and security agencies,
Shari'a tribunals unable to enforce arbitration decisions in matrimonial, inheritance or civil matters,
Muslims expected to apologise for any misdemeanour by other Muslims and demonstrate unwavering loyalty to the state

Birmingham City University's report 'Online Hate Against Muslims on Social Media' highlighted the fact that Islamophobia is "rampant" on social media and affects even the tamest online debates when Muslims attempt to engage. On 11 September 2013, researchers pointed out the hashtag #FuckMuslims was trending. Analysis of the Tell MAMA anti-Islamophobia hotline revealed more than half of Islamophobic attacks in Britain are committed against women because of their dress. AcAdamics at Teesside University who studied the data from the hotline found there were on average two incidents every day over nine months - including 599 incidents of online abuse and 135 offline attacks - an increase of almost 20%. One in six victims chose not to report the incident to authorities. There is a distinct lack of trust in the authorities to prosecute or pursue those who disseminate online hate. The report said:
"Individual experiences with the police may be a reason why the community lost trust in the police and why some communities may not feel comfortable in reporting online abuse to the police. Counterterrorism policing operations also appeared to have a significant impact on the Muslim community's perception of the police service."

David Anderson QC, the official reviewer of counter-terrorism laws, has recently raised the concern that Britain has some of the most extensive anti-terrorism laws in the western world. The definition was so broad it would even catch a campaigner who voiced religious objections to a vaccination campaign on the grounds that they were a danger to public health.

Muslims thus face insecurity, with increasing numbers acquiring properties abroad in the event things turn sour here. The historic ill-treatment of the Irish and blacks adds weight to such concerns as does the increasingly autocratic tendencies of the Home Office to strip Muslims of their citizenships at will, deporting them following prison sentences and recent proposals even suggesting the powers to render citizens stateless.

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