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Is King Charles III of Britain friendly to Islam?

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Masters in Education from Nottingham University in the UK. Also studied Masters in Islamic Studies and Islamic Banking & Finance. Political activist with interests in Geopolitics, History and Phil ...
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I think it is pretty naive to see Charles' interest in Islam, along with his lessons in basic Arabic, as that of a benign individual whose sole agenda is to seek the truth about the Islamic faith of minority subjects.  The darker reality is the pursuit of British economic and political interests, encouraged by the British establishment, requires he has some fsmiliarity of the religious vqlues and traditions of their target elites in the Middle East, especially the Gulf.  As Prince of Wales, he regularly travelled to Saudi Arabia at the request of the Foreign Office, 12 times in total, building relationships with royal families throughout the Gulf over the decades.  He would spend considerable time with the late Saudi King Abdullah in the desert in a tent playing bowls together in the sand. In 2014 he donned traditional robes and joined Saudi princes in a sword dance in Riyadh - not long thereafter, Britain's biggest arms company BAE  announced the sale of 72 Typhoon fighters. Andrew Smith, spokesman for the Campaign Against the Arms Trade, CAAT, said: "It is clear that Prince Charles has been used by the UK government and BAE Systems as an arms dealer." The Salam deal helped BAE's profits and safeguarded jobs at BAE's Warton factory in Lancashire and protected Britian's engineering skills.  The story is little different with his ties in the UAE and Qatar, the latter attracting controversy in July over £2.5m cash donations made by the former Qatari prime minister Hamad bin Jassim to his charitable foundation.  In Jordan he met with some of the 750,000 odd refugees from Syria, many of whom rely on support from countries like the UK and Saudi Arabia, planting a tree to symbolize the UK-Jordanian partnership to mark the centenary of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan — a product of the allied defeat of the Ottoman Caliphate in World War I, granted independence from the British mandate in 1946 and a key contributor to Israel's existence.  The Queen herself also visited Dubai and Abu Dhabi on state occasions to build British trade and political ties whilst Saudi’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman dined with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace amidst human rights protests following which the prime minister agreed £65 billion of mutual trade and investment opportunities, including direct investment in the UK.  No doubt as King he will ensure William continues with this mission, probably developing a similar interest in Islam like his father before him, with another gullible minority amongst the next generation of Muslims swooning over him as a potential revert.

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