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Why do Jews believe that Muhammed was a false prophet?

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WARNING: THIS ANSWER MAY CONTAIN OFFENSIVE WORDS BUT THEY ARE WITH REFERENCE.  As the Holy Qur'an describes, Jews were jealous of the fact that the last Prophet was born in Quresh family who were their enemies at that time. Out of hate and jaleousy, they started to spread fasle rumors about them, then they became their enemy. Then they allied with the last Prophet (in Medina) but during the war (the war of Ahzab), they double-crossed Muslims to try and get a chance to kill the last Prophet (!) but Allah Almighty saved him. To this date, Jews hate Muslims and believe that Muhammad was a false Prophet but believes are not going to change the reality,  All of the awards onto Jews from Allah Almighty and then these incidents are written in The Holy Qur'an chapter 1- 3.

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