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Who pays the media to portray Islam in a bad light?

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Masters in Education from Nottingham University in the UK. Also studied Masters in Islamic Studies and Islamic Banking & Finance. Political activist with interests in Geopolitics, History and Phil ...
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In a Nutshell:
No one.

The issue is a little more complex than the question would suggest.

Chomsky and Herman's "Propaganda Model" answers this question in some depth. They consider this principle in the context of the media but it has general applicability.

In essence they suggest that those elites who dominate in secular societies have a certain ideological mindset - typically a secular liberal one. They establish companies and appoint people with a similar mindset - who in turn recruit and promote similar minded people. This then reproduces the ideological outlook of the founders throughout an organisation and its culture.

Now when events occur around the world, these people act on their "predetermined" ideological outlooks quite naturally without the need for any steer or guidance and judge them accordingly.

So to secular individuals who see their societies as democratic and progressive, they see religion as archaic and backward, based on their experiences with Christianity in Europe - they thus through personal conviction are critical of Islam and its values which appears in the output they produce, which in turn is approved and disseminated.

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