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Did the prophet appoint Imam Ali as the next leader before he died?

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Yes certainly he said that Imam Ali is prince of the believers and


نتائج البحث

نتيجة الترجمة



 qal fi mintaqat yuqal laha ghadir khama fi altariq almuadiy 'iilaa makat qal alrasul muhamad salaa allah ealayh walah wasalam 'iilaa man kunt mawlah fhdha ealia mawlah allahuma wal min walah w kun eaduana liman eadah w ansur min nasarah w akhdhul min khadhalih w qal fi mawdie akhar lil'iimam eali bin 'abi talab 'iilaa tardaa 'an takun miniy bimunzalat harun min musaa 'illa 'anah la nabi min baedi w biwuseik mutalaeat al'ahadith almutaealiqat bikhilafatih
 He said in a region called Ghadeer Khum on the road leading to Makkah. The Messenger Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family, said, except for whom you are his master. Ali bin Abi Talib: Would you not accept that you would be like Aaron to me in relation to Moses, except that there is no prophet after me, and you can read the hadiths related to his succession

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