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What Islamic action or practice have you found personally or psychologically beneficial?

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This is something I read someone had been doing consistently as of recent and said it has been nothing short of life changing. So much so I couldn't help but share it with others.  "Every day, before I do anything after prayer, I ask Allah (swt) for forgiveness and recite salat al Nabi (durood sharif). My health for a while hasn't been the best, but just doing this alone has given me an ability to more than cope and ushered in a new perspective on how I view myself, others and life in general.  Before, I would simply read "astaghfirullah" repeatedly without truly engaging with sincerity. I found saying that Arabic word wouldn't connect with my thoughts and emotions because Arabic isn't my first language. So, I began reading in English, as I believed Allah swt can understand all languages. I found with every utterance I would reflect on my words and actions making the experience all the more sincere and meaningful.  I feel an immense burden uplifted from my shoulders, my mind is cleared and my memory along with my ability to comprehend matters increases significantly. The doors to knowledge are opened imbued with hikma you never thought you could ever muster not be able to ascertain. The reflective process is so powerful that when I go about my day and I encounter a situation where the haram option is easy and halal difficult, my haya kicks in forbids me from disgracing myself before my creator. So much so I found myself avoiding trivial talk/matters even to the extent avoiding situations where the doors to sin are easily opened. Seeking sincere repentance truly makes the halal easy and the haram difficult.  The other experience is the upheaval of worry about dunya matters. Anxiety, stress and even depression are caused by so many things. Aside from work, bills our health and family matters - our past sins and disobedience acts as a barrier to increase our obedience to Allah swt and clouds our judgement losing hope in optimism. By sincere repentance our past sins are laid bare and forgiven by The All Merciful clearing the mind for more noble pursuits. Freeing the mind from artificial perceptions of sorrow and despair that leave us shackled thus opening the doors to serenity, self-confidence and enabling us to pursue what is most dear to us.  Seeking sincere repentance is truly a transformative way to connect our speech with what is in our hearts removing the personality ailment of hypocrisy to one of sincere transparency both in thought and action.  Salat ul Nabi has equally been transformative which has been nothing short of life changing. The effects are not only shared by those through seeking repentance, but it amplifies them in an all empowering way. I find myself more compassionate towards others and less interested in trying to engulf others with negativity. In every circumstance, I find myself finding strength in the positivity in everything and the courage to follow through in thinking the best in others. It's literally reshaped my mindset as to how i approach discussions, whether political or otherwise and people in general.  At a time of great calamity befalling the Ummah, it's difficult to find any semblance of optimism. By performing this act of ibadah, I find myself connecting with people on a deeper level, their worries, joys, concerns become mine and I find a pressing need to improve their well-being out of pure sincerity words cannot describe. I don't feel the need to guilt people into caring about others or the obligations of others, but rather find conduits of inspiration from Creator Himself and his beloved Messenger to stimulate their mind and elevate them to a higher level of thinking pursuing a more righteous, noble path. I find myself going beyond the artificial and seeing the deeper, meaningful moments of clarity and inspiration that I denied myself for so many years. My heart becomes softer and my resolve to remain consistent.  Lastly, I find myself wanting to learn more about the Prophet and his sunnah. I find myself following his example in any giving situation and if I don't know, I am compelled to find out.  Combining the two, the blessings are too many for me to count nor do justice too in one post. I only selected a few of the innumerable benefits and blessings that performing these two actions of ibadah has had on my life. I just hope that others also incorporate these in their lives, if not done so already, so they too could better their well-being and increase their love for the creator and his beloved Messenger upon whom be peace.  May Allah swt bless you all, shower you with His innumerable blessings and pave for you the way to jannatul firdous. Ameen."

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