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Why wasn't the last Prophet from the 21st century?

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Aren't we superior in terms of technology and science?
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The issue with the question rests on the implication is Islam must be false because it was revealed in an era where certain claims couldn't be empirically verified or when people were primitive.

What would be a greater proof of prophethood? To come with a message in a technologically advanced age where misinformation is more rampant than ever, everyone blames things on "fake news" and "photoshop", people have the attention span of a goldfish, education is generally scoffed at and the highest achievements in life for most people is getting on a reality TV show where they can get rich off of being stupid...


To come in an age devoid and starving for justice to take a lawless and chaotic society of Arab desert dwellers who knew barely anything, had little to work with and were considered the lowest among nations, only then to raise them to the status of kings and the dominant civilization for nearly 1400 years?

Even in our "advanced" age the common man's idol is someone like Trump, Kanye West, or a random ***** on YouTube. Muhammad (saw) did more than every individual in our time is even capable of despite having less to work with.

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