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Where did the idea of "no go" Muslim zones in Europe come from?

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The Bloomberg article is very good: Debunking the Myth of Muslim-Only Zones in Major European Cities

Where did the story of the no-go zones come from?

Daniel Pipes, a U.S. historian and political commentator, says he believes he was the first person to refer to disadvantaged French neighborhoods as no-go zones. In a 2006 article, he said the existence of the zones suggested "that the French state no longer has full control over its territory."

Pipes now says he was mistaken. In 2013, after traveling to several listed Paris neighborhoods and mainly immigrant and Muslim areas of five other European cities, he wrote:
"For a visiting American, these areas are very mild, even dull. We who know the Bronx and Detroit expect urban hell in Europe, too, but there things look fine ... hardly beautiful, but buildings are intact, greenery abounds and order prevails. ... Having this first-hand experience, I regret having called these areas no-go zones."

In an e-mail to Bloomberg Businessweek Pipes said a no-go zone "is a place where the government has lost control and cannot enforce the rule of law." There are, he now says, "no European countries with no-go zones."

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