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How would you as a Muslim summarise our violent world?

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So far from my reading ...
1) European countries colonized as much as they could
2) They divided the world into nation-state
3) With the fall of the Ottoman caliphate - the global symbol of "church and state" for Muslims crumbled
4) Residual Muslims were locked into fragmented and superficial "Islamic states" which were or would be over ruled by secular policies (vassal states)
5) Faith, therefore, retreated to a personal system which reduced the political dimension of Islam (same as Christians)
6) A transcendent faith is lost and thus religion becomes bound to nation-state rather than a united state for all Muslims
7) Western secular forces keep the "dividing and conquering" for their own gains while keeping their Muslim stooges leaders in check
8) A global framework is then created where the political resurgence of a caliphate is then made impossible (total lockout internally and externally)
9) In a calipha-political vacuum oppressed and violated Muslim individuals/groups respond with violence as a reaction to Western, secular forces

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