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What would Islam prioritise as the need of our time?

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Khilafah is the need of our time.

There is always a collective need... for every era, every time.

Successive Muslim generations have dealt with the problems of their time and this is reflected in what they wrote and what they said.

They brought forth from the text what was required to deal with the threat or problem they experienced in their day and then did what was required (within the framework of Islam):

● Sultan al Ulema, Sheikh Izz ud-Deen Abdus Salam dealt with the Mongol invasions on the 1260s and reminded the Mamluks of their financial and military duty to aid and defend the Muslims and the post of Khalifah.

● Ibn Taymiyyah dealt with the Tartar menace at the turn of the 14th century and his teachings and books reflect that.

● Imam Ghazali and others dealt with the impact Greek philosophy had with Muslim scholars and the incorrect thinking some Muslim scholars developed as a consequence.

● The hadith masters, Imams Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud, ibn Majah and An-Nasa'i had to deal with hadith fabrication and abuse.

● Imad ud-Deen Zanji and Salah ud-Deen Ayoubi had to deal with the removal of Crusader power after 90 years of occupation.

Muslims dealt with these problems in an innovative way derived from Islam.

However, unfortunately, Muslims have as an ummah come across one problem that has plagued us for 200 years.

Secularism and its ideological child Capitialism founded upon centuries of medieval European Christian religious repression culminating in a rejection of religion from life's affairs and the manipulation of the aristocratic elite in ensuring their power and wealth against their two rivals in power retention; the institution of a sole 'monarch' and the second the power of the Church.

This new religious belief compartmentalised an already corrupted Christianity into a spiritual religion for festivals, morality and manners, creating Protestantism.

By the 19th century, the muslim world, the scholars, the intellectual class and the ummah just failed to meet the challenge this new principless belief (Secularism) posed.

A liberal secular ideology which run roughshod over the globe massacering and destroying peoples and nations and culture and key values and concepts of Enlightenment Europe like liberalism and freedom and individualism.

The rise of this secular creed throughout the world has crippled our thinking, colonised our lands, destroyed our civilisation and divided Muslims into nation states, viewing Islam and the world from Western perspectives.

We need to bring the belief and system of Islam back to life, to be implemented and used for ruling and authority.

This is the need for our time.

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