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Why does the Qur'an support geocentricism?

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Shouldn't it be scientifically valid?
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A popular criticism of the Qur'an of late has been to impugn it for its apparent lack of awareness of scientific facts.

The Qur'an seeks to communicate answers to the profound questions of life, its origins, its purpose, life after death and what sort of life we should be living. Science was never part of its message. The purpose of the Qur'an was to inform creation about the nature of Allah, His Will and how to live an ethical life. That's it. It was never about transmitting knowledge of the physical world.

So when they Qur'an appeals to the movements of the sun and moon - whether they be in reference to the a geocentric or heliocentric model or something else we choose to posit - it is merely a poetic not scientific appeal to the imagination of the reader for the sake of teaching a moral or theological lesson; the attempted scientific interpretation of the statement is irrelevant.

One may retort I would be impressed if scientific knowledge was revealed. Why can't Allah just reveal scientific knowledge for those of us living today?

Simply put the message wouldn't be 'for all time'. Those preceding us in time wouldn't understand scientific content and those in the future would see them outdated. Only a small set of humanity living in our current would be impressed.

It is why the early Muslims were far more reasonable in their understanding of Revelation; its purpose and objectives.

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