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Do angels have choice like humans?

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Been asked a long time ago but I'm new to islamiqate, so I had no chance to see it earlier.

Angels don't have a free will like humans do, that's why they won't face any judgement cause Allah has created them in a way they are programmed to worship Allah and don't disobey Allah's commands BUT angels have opinions too.

This is proven by many incidents. I will name two :

  • when the Jibril (Gabriel) gave the Prophet Muhammad (saw) a response that he answered his questions correctly regarding what was Islam, Imaan and Ihsan.
  • when Allah told the angels that he would place humans on earth and they replied to Allah saying, why do You want to do so? They will only cause bloodshed and mischief. Allah replied to them : I know that which you do not.

Allah knows best.



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