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How do you answer "how do you know Allah exists" concisely?

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3 Answers
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The world we see around us is limited and contingent in every possible way... It is not consciously limiting itself, so it has to be limited and compelled by something - we posit God.

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Islamic researcher, graduated from Al-Azhar University, Islamic Studies in the English language. I also studied at Temple University in the US.
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The Universe did not come from nothing
, given the visible existence of the Universe and the implausibility of the emergence of something out of nothing with no causal condition. This suggests the Universe had a Transcendent Cause to bring it about, whether from nothing or something. Given the perfection and complexity of the... Show more >>

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The existence of Allah can be confirmed by each and everything that exists in the universe. Being a man, you observe that who else except Allah is able to give birth to man from sperm. How a drop of sperm is turned to a clone, then to blood, then to flesh, then bony structure takes place in women's womb. then after a stipulated... Show more >>

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