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How can Allah be the Best of Creators if millions of sperms are wasted fertilising one egg?

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It's clear in the Qur'an to whomsoever Allah wills, he grants offsprings, whether it be sons only, or sons and daughters.  To whom He does not will to grant off-spring, he makes such a woman infertile.  Being the sole and one Creator of living things, its the discretion of Allah the Almighty to whom he grants off-spring.  As regards millions of sperms being wasted fertilising one egg, the phenomenon shows the glory, majesty and bounty of Allah that from his command millions of sperms emerge, and one fertilises. He could have ordained one sperm emerging and fertilising - for some that may have evoked the question is Allah the Best of Creators producing one sperm only to fertilise one egg?  However for people of reflection, where all sorts of phenomenon exist around the world by the same atoms, molecules and quantum matter, behavior that they choose not to exhibit, behavior they are compelled to undertake, that these are all signs that point to one creator, Allah.  If you're Muslim, believe in the strength of Allah, otherwise, try to research more and utlimately you would be able to understand the power of Allah.

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