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What is the difference between the Arabic terms "deen" and "millah"?

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2 Answers
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Millah linguistically refers to something has been dictated or written. In scholarly usage, it refers to the foundational principles common to all shariahs (restricted usage) or to the shariah Allah revealed (broader usage). Deen has a similar meaning according to some jurists, albeit with wider connotations, including notions of submission and servitude to Allah rather than just the foundational principles.
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In a Nutshell: The terms "deen" and "millah" are important concepts in Islam, and they are often used to describe the comprehensive nature of the religion as a way of life and a community of believers. "Deen" refers to a religion or way of life, while "millah" refers to a community or group of people. In the context of Islam, these terms are used to describe the religion of Islam and the global Muslim community, and they highlight the importance of individual beliefs and practices, as well as the sense of belonging to a larger community of believers.
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