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Isn't Turkey too weak to take on Russia or others in Syria?

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Masters in Education from Nottingham University in the UK. Also studied Masters in Islamic Studies and Islamic Banking & Finance. Political activist with interests in Geopolitics, History and Phil ...
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Isnt Turkey too weak to take on Russia or others in Syria?

Funny how the alleged sick man of Europe, Ottoman rulers, took on the Russians again and again and again in wars to protect Muslims and their lands yet a hundred years later, the secular Turkish nationalist elites who promised a bright future and their successors who lecture us about Turkish prosperity and progress, dare not raise theirs heads.

The reality is the establishment is in disarray, the country is weak and backward, the people have no ideological confidence or unity, the economy is riddled with credit bubbles, fear of wars disrupting a fickle sexual tourism industry and its masters in Washington unable to find enough lackeys to replace Asad want to leave him be over Islamists establishing a caliphate leave them paralysed on the world stage...

The fruits of secular and nationalistic ideologies.

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