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Men will be given Hoors in Janat. What about women?

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What about women?
Dr. Muhammad Abu Laila says that women who have not married in this world will choose their wives in the Hereafter, pointing out that the rules of marriage and divorce that the Shari'ah has brought in this world will not be this way in the Hereafter. . Abu Laila added that the married woman will be with her husband in Paradise, and when asked about the woman who is jealous of her husband, he replied that if the woman was sent to hate him, she would not be in Paradise and would choose to marry him, but God may change the same in her hatred towards her husband, To live with him in paradise. As for the woman who is in love with her husband in this world or who loved someone who did not meet him in this world, Sheikh Khalid bin Abdullah al-Musallah, Mufti and professor of jurisprudence at the Faculty of Shari'a, Qassim University in Saudi Arabia, said that if the couple entered Paradise, In the face of the faces, and this is the meaning of what is stated in the Prophet's prayer in prayer on the funeral: "and replaced by a good house of his house, and better than his family, and married better than his wife," where the husband will abandon all the qualities that his wife hated in this world. Shaykh al-Khalid ibn 'Abd-Allaah al-Musallah says that a woman may change her husband if she wants to, or she will meet with someone she loved and did not marry in this world, for the general meaning of the verse, "They have what they desire and we have more" .
Hor's eye "maid"
Shaykh Muhammad al-Arifi says that Allaah does not equate between a woman who has labored hard to reach Paradise, and the eye of the eye that God created for the Committee. The beauty of the believing woman will be like a camel of 70 nymphs. Al-Arifi quotes Umm Salamah as a question of the best of the women of this world or the hereafter. But the women of the world better than the poplar eye, as the virtue of the lining on the lining, "explaining that the women of the world will become better in everything, whether their God and their beauty and paper and treat their husbands with them, while the poplar will look like a maid .

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