I have a problem, I am short, all my cousins are tall. When I was young enough, I was not sincere about this. Now at the age of 29, I face criticism. Even my marriage proposal broke because of this. I have to intention to marry or insult myself again but I believe Allah has a better plan for me. However, recently some scholars in my country Bangladesh, suggests a  amal to grow tall, that is reciting Darood E Ibrahim then one of the names of Allah (Ya Samiyu) for 100 times, Darood again then prey. With full confidence that Allah will accept my dua, fulfill my need. I know, Allah can do anything He wills. But is this Amal okay? Or I need to pray Tahajjid for this? I need to mention, I don't consume Haram, try not to harm others by my mouth or hand.
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