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What books should an Islamic curriculum include?

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If I were to write a curriculum for Muslim high-school/college students, I would make the following required reading:  1. The Divine Reality, By Hamza Tzortzis  This book addresses typical topics that cause doubt among the youth: proof of God, veracity of Islam and Qur'an, problem of evil, etc.  2. Understanding the Islamic Scripture, By Mustansir Mir  This book makes the reader fall in love with the Quran by shedding light on some very beautiful verses related to ethics and morality.    3. Towards Understanding Islam, By Mawdudi  This book provides a comprehensive view of and rational case for Islam.  4. Islam at the Crossroads, By Muhammad Asad  This book provides a piercing critique of Western civilization and prescribes the attitude which Muslims should adopt with regards to western hard and social sciences. His other book, Road to Mecca, makes a good compliment.   5. Four basic Qur'anic Terms, By Mawdudi  This book explains four terms - Ilah, Rabb, Deen and Ibadah - that are fundamental in understanding the Qur'an and Islam.  6.  Muhammed The Messenger of Allah (Al Shifa), By Qadi Iyad  This book, makes you fall in love with the Messenger of Allah (saw).  7. Exploring the Quran, By Dr Hussein Abdul Raof  An excellent overview of the Qur'an, well researched and covers most of the key topics.    

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