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Why did Indian Muslims lag behind in education compared to Hindus after 1857?

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The problem of education and its growing gap began before 1857... its effects were simply more visible by that time.

After 1835, the British East Indian Company introduced a new education system that only allowed instruction in European history, Western philosophy and natural sciences, using the English language as the only medium of instruction. Languages like Persian, which had been the language of choice for Muslims were marginalised.

The Muslim community had shunned these new centres of learning, namely government schools, with great suspicion due to various reasons:

  • There was no religious instruction in Islam.
  • There was no provision for attending prayers,
  • The pupils were made to read books which contained scornful references to their religion.

In general, purely secular education was distasteful to Muslims and to be avoided.

As a consequence of their rejection of government schools, Muslims were unable to obtain better positions in the administration. Thus, in comparison with the Hindus who had no such qualms, the Muslims found themselves at a distinct disadvantage.

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