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Why is Ibn Taymiyyah so well known and famous today?

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To a great extent the teaching of Ibn Taymiyyah became widely known through his influence on the formation of the Wahhabi movement. The demand for Ibn Taymiyyah’s thoughts in Modern and Contemporary History allows to draw a conclusion about timelessness of the issues he considered and the enhancement of the value of religion in the transition periods in the history of Muslim society.

His views were in such contrast with the teachings of Prophet that not only Shi’a but also Sunni and even Hanbali scholars have written books on rejecting them. Ibn Taymiyyah was jailed several times by Muslim scholars until his death in 728 AH. However, after three and half centuries, Muhammad ibn Abd alWahhab from Najd, revived Ibn Taymiyyah’s school with the assistance of Saudis.

In terms of impact and influence, it is possible to say that Ibn Taymiyyah is of the most important medieval Islamic scholars of modern times. The rapid rise of Salafism over the last fifty years and its repercussions have made Ibn Taymiyyah a familiar name. Any time there is a discussion about the roots of Islamic extremism or jihadi Salafism, the name of Ibn Taymiyyah is featured in one way or another. Some scholars have linked terror organizations such as Islamic State (IS) to the medieval ideas of Ibn Taymiyyah, while others have regarded him as a great scholar who should only be understood within the appropriate historical context. Even in his own lifetime there was no consensus around him, and his perspectives sharply divided opinions.

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