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Who is Mufti Abu Layth?

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Political activist and reader
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Mufti Abu Layth is a controversial UK based speaker.

This video that simply plays 20 minutes of clips of his own words which should give you a good idea of his unusual perspective on Islam:

  • Celebrating Christmas is Halal,
  • Smoking pot is Halal,
  • Swearing is Halal,
  • Joining the British military is Halal,
  • Gambling is Halal,
  • Having idols in your home is Halal,
  • Plucking eyebrows is Halal,
  • Euthanasia is Halal,
  • Plastic surgery is Halal,
  • Backbiting is Halal,
  • Making your children wear Hijab is Haram,
  • Freemixing and flirting is Halal,
  • Mut'ah is Halal,
  • Supporting LGBT marriage is Halal,
  • We shouldn't order the good or forbid the evil,
  • We shouldn't call people to become Muslim,
  • Hudood no longer apply,
  • We shouldn't have public athan on loudspeakers,
  • Maryam (as) was not a virgin,
  • Musa (as) did not actually split the Red Sea,
  • The stones in Surat Al-Fil were thrown by people not birds, and more...

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