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What would you say to the Prime Minister of Pakistan?

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If you have a chance to talk to Imran Khan what would you say?
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A letter to the Prime minister of Pakistan: Imran Khan "Allah has given you a position of power, and the responsibility to dispense justice to over two hundred million people. You should take advantage of that and promote the law of Allah so that you rule the Muslims under a system of Islamic governance thereby securing your future in the hereafter.  Why do you advocate secularism and play into the hands of the West when you begged Allah to give you a chance so that you could prove your loyalty and obedience to him? By establishing the Islamic governance and removing secularism you would be obeying the command of Allah, following in the footsteps of Muhammad (saw) and fulfilling the promise you made to Allah before coming to this world. Remember the power and authority Allah has put upon you will be removed when your eyes close and you are in the grave.  Secularism is a belief where man says he is the lawmaker, and he decides what is right and wrong or what is good and bad. It removes the right to rule from Allah to man.  But in Islam Allah is sovereign he decides what is good and bad and what is right and wrong; he is the lawmaker and secularism is completely against Allah's laws. Therefore, you cannot obey and worship Allah as you promised him you would before he sent you to this world.  If you establish an Islamic state where Allah's laws are implemented, and the Quran and Sunnah are the only sources of law it would be a great honour for you as no one has established an Islamic State other than Muhammad (saw) and you will be remembered in Islamic history as the person who re-established the Islamic state; generations of Muslims will raise their hands in prayer for you even after your death. However, if you do not people will remember you as a tyrannical oppressor who deprived the Muslims of their right to be ruled by a Khalifah implementing Islamic law.  As a Muslim, it is your duty to re-establish the Islamic state. Allah has given you power and position and surely, he will bring you to account. How will you answer him when he asks you what you did with that power and position?  May Allah grant you wisdom and guidance and steer you to the straight path."

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