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How do I contribute to the work for resumption of Islam via the khilafah?

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Working for the resumption of Islam (the Deen, way of life) through the establishment of Khilafah is an obligation upon all Muslims.  The method is seen in how all messengers called to Islam - revealed by Allah, applicable to all times.  The Messenger (saw) called his nation (qawm) to collectively submit in accordance with revelation, to institutionalise and implement it, promising them the treasures and women of Rome and Persia in this life and jannah in the next - a socio-political revolutionary message.  The call began at a banquet with his own clan, an autonomous polity, who rejected it unable to and then publicly with the clans of Quraysh at mount Safa. He then focused discussions on tribal leaders and elites (mala'un) trying to win them over. Individuals enquired about his call and believed in him becoming his companions, whom he cultured secretly to build a party, that was later deployed against Quraysh's support base, albeit brutally resisted. Throughout the Messenger (saw) was prohibited from joining power with Quraysh or using violence.  After the Meccans rejected his message, he targeted other tribal leaders, finally accepted by Medinan junior elites, who brought him to power. The deen of Islam and its ahkam became visible in Medina, remaining present until the demise of the Ottoman caliphate in 1924.  This "working" ie the effort has to be Objective. You can't just be working intellectually (merely discussing concepts around Khilafah) and not politically ie becoming part of the political struggle.  The Objective reality is that Khilafah has the strongest potential to emerge from certain Muslim majority countries. We have Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia etc. But this reality is fluid ie some countries may have to be dropped while others added, depending at country's potential and readiness.  It's an Ummah level obligation therefore all the Muslims, regardless of their locations and ethnic backgrounds must connect with one global Ummah and work collectively towards one Objective.  As an example, a Somali or Yemeni background Muslims living in the UK must also call for the Khilafah to emerge from Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia. But the call has to be specific ie by name. Mention that Erdogan, Bajwa/Imran, Haseena, Jokowi have to go along with Secular Capitalist system in our lands.   Similarly, a Pakistani (Azad Kashmir is also essentially Pakistan. Let's not split hair) background Muslim must also call not only Pakistani rulers but all from the candidate's list.   So, Muslims in living in the West must connect themselves with the rest of the Ummah (as a human body). We must keep an eye on the news, especially from these countries.   We must all call for the Khair (complete implementation of Allah's Deen), we order the Ma'roof and forbid the Munkar by joining one Ummah level political struggle, in sha Allah.   Millions of Muslims living in the West can play their part in this work if the above is made clearer to them, thereby supporting the efforts on the ground in those countries, in sha Allah.

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