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How did the Prophet (saw) deal with difficult times during his call to Islam?

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In a Nutshell:
In difficult times, the Prophet (saw) used to pray to Allah, continue perservering in seeking political support and protection for himself, his followers and Islam and console his companions with prophecies of Allah's guarantee of the success of Islam.

How did the Prophet (saw) deal with difficult times during his call to Islam?

Political Support

The message of Islam from the very beginning focused on society and the role of individuals inside such a society.

After ten years of repeated attempts in Mecca, the dawa of the Prophet (saw) was faced with the most difficult time; i.e. the death of his uncle Abu Talib who was the source of support and protection against the leaders of Quraysh.

The Prophet (saw) began approaching dozens of tribes seeking mana'ah (protection) and nusrah (support) of Islam.

After the Prophet (saw) found no support from the tribes in the surrounding regions, he used to present Islam to pilgrim leaders of the farther tribes in the seasons of Hajj.

Finally, the Prophet (saw) met a group from Yathrib and presented Islam to them. They accepted Islam and invited their tribe and came the next year taking the pledge of war.

Following this, Prophet (saw) and his companions migrated to Medina where the first Islamic state was established.

In the most difficult of times, the Prophet (saw) continued acting on Allah's commands, neither slacking nor giving up.


Ponder the four promises of the Prophet (saw) in Mecca and Medina:

1. When the Prophet (saw) and his companions were oppressed in Mecca, and could not even protect themselves from the harm, he made a promise to al-Khabbab (ra):

"By Allah, this religion (i.e. Islam) will prevail until a traveller er from Sana (in Yemen) to Hadramaut will fear none but Allah."

2. When the Prophet (saw) migrated to Medina secretly in order to avoid Quraish, he was caught en route by Suraqah. He promised Suraqah the bangles from the wealth of Chosroes of Persia when he was defeated. During Umar's (ra) time this promised was fulfilled, by which time Suraqah had joined the Muslims.

3. Before the Battle of the Trench, the Prophet (saw) was struggling in digging a trench around Medina with his Companions, preparing for the thousands of the disbelievers travelling to Medina in order to destroy it. As they struggled in their hard work, he (saw) promised them the palaces of Chosroes in Persia and the rulers of al-Sham.

4. When the Prophet (saw) was sitting with his companions, he promised them the conquest of Rome and Constantinople.

People at that time thought the same way as many do today. For this reason, they said:

"Allah and his Prophet have not promised us except illusions" (Qur'an al-Ahzaab:12)

And among them were those who said they were too afraid to travel small distances from their home, and ridiculed the Prophet's promises of victory over Persia and Rome?"


In difficult times, where the Quraysh rejected his call and made life difficult for him, the Prophet (saw) used to continue seeking political support and protection for himself, his followers and his deen. He would often make du'aa to Allah and prophesise the guaranteed success of his mission to his companions.



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