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Which tribes did the prophet (saw) call to Islam whilst he was in Mecca?

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In a Nutshell:
Over twenty tribes are mentioned by name in the books of seera, but the Messenger (saw) quite likely encountered most of the Arabian tribes numbering over 40.


After the death of Abi Talib, the Meccan leaders started to harm the Messenger (saw) and oppose his dawa - resulting in being locked out of Meccan society.

So he (saw) began searching for protection and support from other tribes who would adopt his call; help him delivering it and defending him against any enemy; secure his dawa and implement its teachings i.e. providing him with mana'ah and nusrah.

Which tribes did the prophet (saw) call to Islam whilst he was in Mecca?

Names of Other Tribes

Most of the tribes whom the Messenger (saw) visited, invited and offered himself did not respond positively to his call.

The Messenger (saw) offered himself to a large number of tribes, estimated at around 40, however only around half their names are known:

  1. Banu Thaqeef of Taif
  2. Banu Amr ibn Umayr of Taif;
  3. Banu Amr ibn Mu'awiyah in Yemen;
  4. Banu Rabi'ah, a competing tribe to Quraysh in the north and the centre of Arabia;
  5. Banu Amir ibn Sa'sa'ah in the modern-day Najd;
  6. Banu Kalb in northwestern of Arabia (Dawmat al-Jandal);
  7. Banu Hanifah in southern Arabia (al-Yamamah);
  8. Banu Fazarah in central Arabia (Ramlah in Nagd);
  9. Banu Muharib Ibn Khasfah;
  10. Banu Ghassan on the borders of Syria;
  11. Banu Murrah in the east of Arabia;
  12. Banu 'Ibs;
  13. Banu Nadr bin Hawazin from which Quraysh descended;
  14. Banu Kindah from which Banu Nadr descended;
  15. Banu Ka'b;
  16. Banu Sulaym;
  17. Banu al-Bukaa;
  18. Banu al-Harith bin Ka'b;
  19. Banu Uzrah;
  20. Banu Hadea-Maut (al-Hadaaremah)
  21. Banu Thalaba bin Ukaba
  22. Banu Qays ibn al-Hatim
  23. Hamdan


There are over twenty tribes mentioned by name in the books of seera, however the Messenger (saw) encountered most of the Arabian tribes which number over 40.


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