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Which tribes did the Meccan enemies of the Prophet Muhammed belong to?

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Abu Jahl bin HishamBani Makhzum
Jubair bin Mut‘im
Tuaima bin ‘Adi
Al-Harith bin ‘Amir
Bani Naufal bin ‘Abd Munaf
Abu Sufyan bin Harb
Shaibah bin Rabi‘a
Utbah bin Rabi‘a
Bani ‘Abd Shams bin ‘Abd Munaf
An-Nadr bin Al-HarithBani ‘Abd Ad-Dar
Abul Bukhtary bin Hisham
Zama‘a bin Al-Aswad
Hakeem bin Hizam
Bani Asad bin ‘Abd Al-‘Uzza
Nabih bin Al-Hajjaj
Munbih bin Al-Hajjaj
Bani Sahm
Umaiyah bin KhalafBani Jumah

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