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In a Nutshell: Fratricide, the execution of a prince or his descendants in line to the throne, was regarded as a means of preventing the Ottoman State from fragmenting and ensuring peace in society.
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In a Nutshell: Fratricide was a practice that was sometimes carried out by the Ottoman Empire, particularly during the early modern period. There were several reasons why fratricide was practiced by the Ottomans, including the system of patrilineal succession, the desire to prevent civil wars and unrest within the empire, and the use of fratricide as a tool of political manipulation and intrigue. Fratricide was also seen as a legitimate and even heroic act by the Ottoman ruling class, and it was justified as a necessary means of maintaining order and preventing civil wars. However, fratricide was not practiced by all Ottoman sultans, and it was generally condemned by Islamic teachings. Despite this, fratricide was a significant aspect of Ottoman culture and governance, and it played a role in shaping the course of Ottoman history.
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