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For those who have wanted to know Marxism but found it too complex, here is a rough summary:   Capitalism lays the seeds of its own destruction.   As capitalism develops, the wealth will concentrate in fewer and fewer hands while more people will fall at the bottom of the pyramid.   The disgruntled workers of the factories will develop solidarity and organize themselves against the capitalists.   In a future recession, when these disgruntled and organized workers will be laid off due to cost-cutting measures, they will revolt.   The communist intellectuals will seize the moment and direct the violence of the working class.   The military, mostly comprised of the proletarian class, will have to take sides and many will join the proletariats against the capitalists.   Capitalism will eventually be destroyed through a bloody revolution.   For a brief period, there will be a dictatorship of the proletariat when they take over the reins of the government and weed out the last remnants of bourgeoisie elements in the society. Once that has been done, the government will no longer exist.   A utopia - a classless society with no government - will come into existence. Nobody would rule over others. There will be no private property. People will cooperate with each other with regards to production and distribution.    And people will live happily ever after.   THE END

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