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What's the difference between knowledge, intelligence and wisdom?

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What's the difference between knowledge, wisdom and intelligence? Aren't they the same?  Knowledge is all the information, facts, and skills you learn from your parents, teachers, books, and the experiences you have from all around you. A knowledgeable person is someone who has a lot of this data nicely stored in their mind.  Wisdom is the capacity to use that knowledge in the right way, at the right time, in the right place to make sound judgements. A wise person understands how to join the dots and make the links to solve the practical problems of life in the right way.  Intelligence is the ability and speed at which you can join the dots. A more intelligent person can link complex information together faster and produce better judgements quickly.  So bringing them all together... a more intelligent person takes knowledge and turns it into wisdom faster and better.  Knowledge comes from experience, learning and perseverance in study.  Wisdom comes from divine guidance, reflection, and keeping in mind your reason for living.  Intelligence comes from being blessed with a discerning mind, and the pain and practice of having to solve problems quickly.  Knowledge is critical - but the mere presence of knowledge alone does not mean you have wisdom nor does it mean you are intelligent.

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