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What practical tips would you give to improve salat (namaz)?

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A few practical tips I have used over the years that I have foynd effective to help improve my salat.  Imam Ghazali suggests you imagine you are leaving this world behind, like after death, and are in Allah's presence - now your duas count, doj they will not.  I would add Allah gives us an opportunity to stand in front of him to converse or commune. We should prize it. Imagine someone important giving you some time for your advantage - you wouldn't squander it would you.  Imagining this may be your last salat is helpful when you are tired to give you that extra motivation.   Finally, remembering it is we who need the salat - not Allah - can't be stressed enough. We are here in life on a mission to serve Allah, and 5 times a day we stand in front of him asking him to ensure we stay true to it to succeed and don't drift off and fail - as eternity is at stake. We need Allah's embrace, support and guidance to our dying breath.  And Allah knows best.

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