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Khilafah in a nutshell means a society living under complete submission to Allah via his shariah.  As humans live in societies which need organisation, i.e., the management of relationships between people and their transactions, Khilafah is the system of governance that organises and manages these relationships and transactions through detailed Shari'ah rules.  So, what the Prophet Muhammad (saw) established in Medinah was a system which involved this management of the affairs of the people (including non-Muslims).   Not many people pay attention to this aspect of seerah which shows how he appointed judges, zakat collectors, aamils, waalis, commanders of jihad, sent ambassadors to other states, ahkam shariah related to commerce, trade, judiciary, social system, governance etc were applied by him in Medinah.   Those ahkam are equally applicable today because human beings and the way societies function remain the same. The only difference is in the modern tools that exist today didn't exist back then. That's it.   So, it's a Shari' fardh for the Muslims to live under complete submission of Allah via the Authority of an Imam or khaleef ie under the Khilafah.  This is what the Prophet Muhammad (saw) established and what his Khulafah Rashidoon carried forward, followed by generations of Tabi'een, Tab'Tabi'een and centuries of Islamic rule after that.  It's the biggest and most urgent of obligations to have Islam resumed again in our collective lives via the Khilafah. All Muslims must work hard for its return.

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