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In a Nutshell: Wahi is that which is revealed exclusively to the Anbia who communicate it to the masses and is the Code of Life which Humanity must live by. Hence all the Rasul sought power and authority in order to establish Islam.

Wahi - (Wao-Ha-Ya).

Linguistically al-Wahiyo is a suggestion by a sign that is extremely quick and fast. It also means to inform quickly, to whisper (Taj / Raghib).

1. In Surah Mariyam, verse (19/11) says that he (Zachariah) informed the people by sign.

2. Raghib says, and he is supported by the author of Taj-ul-Urus, that Al-Wahiyo means very quick suggestion by sign. That is why Shaiun Wahiun means a thing that comes very quickly - very fast. Auhal 'Amala means he acted in haste (Taj / Raghib).

3. It also means writing. Wahaitul Kit'ab means I wrote the book. W'ahin is the writer. Al-W'ahin is a written thing or document. As such Jauhri says that Al-Wahi mean Al-Kit'ab.

This is also supported by the author of "Lat'aif-ul-Lugh'at," Ibn-e-Faris and Raghib. In verse (5/111) this version is clarified, when he (Jesus) conveyed to his companions the written message which was revealed to him.

4. Auha means to order, command. The above verse (5/111) of conveying Wahi to the companions means that Allah had ordered them (Taj / Raghib) and this Wahi (revelation) was received by the companions through Jesus (Raghib). Ibn-e-Faris says that anything which is communicated to someone and he comes to know about it, is called Wahi; the method, mode and type of communication may be by secret means, or otherwise. Verse (41/12) says, "He created several spheres in two phases and communicated through Wahi the destiny of every sphere," i.e., the Axioms that regulate and guide everything in the outer universe, and everything is busy performing the task assigned to it. Verse (24/41) is very important in this context. It says that everything in the universe knows its Tasbeeh and Sal'at, i.e., its duties, functions and how to perform them. Verse (99/5) further says that Allah conveyed His Wahi to Earth, i.e., the earth was communicated its functions and duties, and similarly to the honeybee (16/68) as to her duties.

Everything in the universe is busy performing its duties as per functions assigned to it.

This is Wahi of Allah which is ordained unto them. This is what is known as “the laws of nature” or instincts and have not been created or evolved by them but ordained by Allah.

Man is also a part of the universe and an Axiom has also been laid down for him. Besides physical life, he is also given a personality which he has to develop in this world (Dunya). The Axiom according to which man has to lead his life is called Wahi, which has the following ingredients:-

1. This Wahi is not given to every human being individually. This is given to one man who communicates it to others. The person to whom Wahi is given is called a Nabi or Rasool.

2. Except man, nothing in the universe has been given the option to follow or disobey the Wahi. Everything in the universe is forced to follow this “law of nature”, by virtue of an inbuilt system or instinct.

3. Man has been given this option; he may or may not obey the Wahi; but he is not given the option to escape the results that would naturally ensue from obeying or disobeying this Axiom, e.g., he has the choice to swallow even poison but then he cannot expect to have a different result of his choice.

4. The mode and method of this communication cannot be understood or explained to a person who is not a Nabi or Rasool. Allah Almighty sometimes communicated by signs, and at times from behind a veil. But no other person can claim to be receiving Wahi or any message from Allah or call it by any different name like Ilh'am or Kashf, etc.

The last human being who received Wahi was Muhammad Rasool-Allah ṣallā -llāhu ʿalayhī wa-sallam and this Wahi is final, complete and preserved in the Holy Quran. Wahi which was received by Rasool-Allah ṣallā -llāhu ʿalayhī wa-sallam was of two types; Wahi matloo, which is in the Quran and is being read and Wahi ghair matloo, that - which is outside the Quran. (The actions and example of Muhammad Rasool-Allah ṣallā -llāhu ʿalayhī wa-sallam)

Auha-Ilaihe also means to send a Rasool.

Auhar-Rajalo means he sent his special messenger to his most reliable slave (Taj).

Ibn-ul-Anb'ari says that Wahi is called so because Jabriel communicates it to the selected person in complete secrecy and confidence.

Eihaun means to whisper secret things with one another in privacy. Abu-Ishaque says that the basic meanings of Wahi is to communicate in secrecy, that is why verse (6/113) says, "People who are opposed to the Anbia indulge in secret conspiracies .... ."

Verses (28/7, 20/38) say, "We sent Wahi to the mother of Moses ....... suckle him - but if you are afraid then cast him away in the river without any fear." So Wahi means Divine communication in some way that the person concerned comes to know about the message sent.

Verse (2/120) terms Wahi as Ilm (knowledge) which is absolutely free from any feelings, desires or thoughts of a human being (53/35).

It is, however, important to understand that the recipients of Wahi, i.e., the Anbia were in no position themselves to obtain Wahi at their own instance. This was solely at the discretion of the giver of Wahi – Allah. Allah, exercising His absolute authority and will, chose whosoever He thought fit to be the recipient of His Wahi (6/125).

It was never possible for a human being to attain the exalted status of a recipient of Allah's Wahi with his own efforts - it was always Wahi that descended on the selected persons, i.e., receiving Wahi was not at all a subjective effort, it was entirely an objective phenomenon (2/97, 42/51, 69/43).

The final, complete and unalterable guidance from the Sustainer of the Universe – Allah The Almighty - was revealed to Muhammad Rasool-Allah ṣallā -llāhu ʿalayhī wa-sallam (6/19, 6/116), and thereafter Allah took upon Himself to provide it with an exhaustive safeguard (15/9). Therefore, the institutions of Nubuwwat and Wahi were permanently closed.


"Whatever the Creator and the Sustainer of this universe wished to say to the man on earth was finally revealed in the Holy Quran. Whatever ‘laws’ were needed to be given for the enrichment and growth of human personality were communicated in their most perfect form through Rasool-Allah Muhammad ṣallā -llāhu ʿalayhī wa-sallam. In order that the man attains his designated status in this universe, he needs no other torch now to illuminate his path, nor does he require any more guides. The only course open to him to regain his lost paradise, is to traverse the same path which is forever illuminated by the footprints of that exalted person who stands at the highest pinnacle of human success, the Rasool-Allah Muhammad ṣallā -llāhu ʿalayhī wa-sallam."

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