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Did Europeans become prosperous by colonising the Americas?

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3 Answers
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The Europeans seemed to have first targeted the Americas, a basic civilisation where Europe had an advantage in terms of technology - muskets, canons etc The ability to manufacture church bells was transferred to military technology that gave them the edge. Once dominating the Americas they had slave labour, land and resources... Show more >>

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I would say two things about this. First, while this did contribute to the relative wealth of the West and the relative poverty of other cultures, it begs the question of how the West became powerful enough to engage in such "plunder" to begin with. You still have to ask the question, how did the West become more powerful? Show more >>

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That's a good story - theft from one area financed subsequent thefts from others. But it ignores a few important points, in my opinion. First, the net wealth transfer from the Americas to Europe was mainly in the form of gold and silver for a very long time and for a long time (100+ years) almost all to Spain. Second, gold... Show more >>

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