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Why is there such unrest in prosperous western nations such as France?

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And importantly, why is there a relative absence of such unrest in third world countries where conditions are much worse?
My question is prompted by large scale demonstrations that have been happening in the US, UK and more recently the Yellow Vest protests going on in France sparked by fuel rises.
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Large scale demonstrations in prosperous 'First World' countries are simply 'not in the script'. It goes against all expectations, which is why it is played down in the news.

In Pakistan for example, the tax has increased 3 fold ever since Imran Khan's government came to power through the support of the "establishment". The people are being chewed up but are still like, 'let's give the guy a chance'... Kill me!

Protesters in the West however know they have only one "enemy", their government, which is nowhere near as brutal as the Muslim governments.

Whereas Muslims in the Muslim world have two enemies: one is their own government and other are the western governments. The combined enemies are so brutal that the protest for a better life would result in certain death.

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