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How do the Muslims living in France feel right now?

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Are they looked down upon with suspicion or disdain?
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i enjoy reading interesting facts about islam. I also like to hear about the stories of the prophets.
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If I'm very honest, when you're out and about it feels no different as to when you're walking the street in Britain. France has a big population of Muslims and they have a diverse amount of culture, just like the UK. Even though they have been through "terrorist attacks by Muslims", most of them don't treat you any differently.

I remember when the Charlie Hebdo attacks happened, the following week, I was walking around the street and as I am brown in skin colour, unlike the residents there who were all white, I would always stand out from the crowd. But no one said anything to me, nor did they look at me weirdly.

I found this surprising; yes, there were a few people who would shout terrorist as they drove by but most people around me that heard them would consolidate and reassure me that I am not.

The problem isn't how do the Muslims feel there. Because we men can defend ourselves, we can create solutions for problems, we can change our attire and we can easily speak up.

Your question should have been what are Muslim women feeling?

They are the ones receiving the backlash for these "terrorist attacks". They aren't allowed to wear their headscarves in schools, women aren't allowed to wear the burka in public buildings any more. They get attacked because they are weaker than the men.

And the worst thing is, they submit.

The women there take off their scarfs so they can be educated, they receive the attacks and just pray it will get better.

There is no Islamic movement there like there is in England. In England if they ban the scarfs in school, they better damn well know that we are going to march up on the streets and protest.

Where as over there they use some dubious hadith about law of the land:

"Brother don't protest, this their land and the prophet said abide by the law of the land you are living in"

This is the response you receive when you tell them to get up and do something.

Don't get me wrong there are a handful of Muslims that are trying to do something, but the majority are following "the law of the land"

So, I hope that answered your question.

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