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Is patriotism a part of Islam?

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There's a famous hadith speaking of hubb al-watan that seems to suggest it is
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"Patriotism is a foreign idea that has no origin in Islam."

Patriotism is an ideologically loaded term that goes beyond 'love of one's home' just as nationalism goes beyond naturally occurring aqwam (nations).

Patriotism is a modern notion encouraging peoples to stand up for and fight for their land solely based on instinctive attachments.

Islam permits sentimental attachments to our homes, families, relatives etc. However we do not simply act on such instinctive attachments - there are detailed legal/moral codes as to what should be done in any given circumstances. We are not permitted to ignore them.

The alleged hadith about love of one's watan is part of imaan is simply fabricated according to most scholars.

The concept of patriotism did not exist among Muslims, until the beginning of the nineteenth century, This concept of homeland (watan) and love of one’s homeland (watania) was introduced by Muslims who were fascinated by the West, after visiting it. Rifa’a at-Tahtawi and Khair Al-Din at-Tunisi were the pioneers in introducing this concept to the Muslims. Rifa’a at-Tahtawi introduced patriotism as the valid bond among Muslims and non-Muslims, in his book ‘Takhlis Al-Ibriz fi Talkhis Paris.’ It is worthy noting that this book was written in France and was reviewed and checked by his French teacher, Jomar.

If one thinks of its consequences one clearly sees the destruction it causes to the Muslim Ummah. For now, the Muslim Ummah, after being divided into 57 states, has lost the meaning and concept of one Muslim Ummah, with one Muslim land. Thus, one finds that Muslims in each of these states feel patriotic toward the piece of land with its political boundaries, put by the Kafir colonialists. So, for example, Muslims of Pakistan would feel loyal to that particular land called Pakistan, close to those people in Pakistan, and not feel loyal to any other land or people like people of Afghanistan. This is illogical and haraam.

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