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Whether democracy is considered halal, or permissible according to Islamic law, is disputed by scholars (ullama). Some argue democracy, as a form of government that is based on the principles of free and fair elections, is compatible with the teachings of Islam and can be considered halal. Others argue that democracy goes against the principles of Islamic governance and is not halal. The problem is therefore of definition as the latter wouldn't object to the former ideas as violating Idlam and vice versa.

The concept of democracy in Islam is not explicitly mentioned in the Quran or the Hadith, the two primary sources of Islamic law. However, some scholars argue that the principles of democracy, such as the rule of law, the protection of individual rights, and the accountability of rulers, are consistent with the values and teachings of Islam. They point to the importance of shura, or consultation, in Islamic governance, and argue that democracy provides a way for people to engage in shura and have a say in the decisions that affect their lives.

On the other hand, some scholars argue that democracy is not halal because it goes against the concept of the sovereignty of God and the idea that rulers must be appointed by God or His representatives. They also point out that democracy can lead to the rule of the majority, which may violate the rights of minority groups, and that it can be susceptible to corruption and the influence of special interests.

Overall, the question of whether democracy is halal is a complex and nuanced issue that continues to be debated among Muslim scholars and communities. Some consider it a valid form of government, while others view it as prohibited and incompatible with the principles of Islamic law.

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