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What is your opinion on Maulana Wahiduddin Khan's views of democracy?

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His claim that democracy is acceptable within Islam is breathtaking:

So are we going to just continuously ignore the fact that democracy also defines man as the *sovereign legislator* in the place of Allah (swt), whereas Islam defines Allah (swt) as the Sovereign Legislator alone?

Are we going to ignore the fact that democracy is a system that gives man freedom from God and that God does not have any authority over man other than the authority man chooses for himself?

Are we going to ignore the fact that democracy is a system that says that the majority vote decides what laws are implemented and what laws are rejected? So, if the majority votes that the Hudud be thrown away, or the majority votes that Zina be made permissible, or the majority votes that a non-Muslim become the ruler, then the law of Allah (swt) is thrown away and the majority vote is taken in its place.

Are we going to just keep chasing after the systems of the Christians and Jews inch by inch and handspan by handspan and even though they have dug themselves deep into a lizard hole already - with their sexually transmitted disease epidemics, single mothers, widespread depression and substance abuse, economic imbalance and injustice, deep political corruption, military oppression around the world and all the other ills of their society and systems - yet we just keep digging down into this lizard hole with them?

La hawla wala quwwata illa billah. When will this disease of intoxication with the systems of Kufr end?

Islam has its own system. It's called the Khilafah system, period.

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