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Is democracy behind the economic prosperity of the West?

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The answer is a resounding no; as mentioned earlier, the concept of democracy cannot be implemented in reality. The system implemented is in fact elitism. As for the economic prosperity of the West, this is due to the implementation of another phenomenon known as "colonialism"

The Western enlightenment experiment can be said to have comprised:

- a rational scientific approach to matters and

- the creation of a democratic society based on an informed and rational citizenry.

Both aspects of the experiment are dead in the water.

Even informed and educated men, starting with our political class and the media, are incapable of rational thought and sometimes display surprising ignorance. Our Prime Minister David Cameron showed his ignorance of the Magna Carta on American television. Worse, the political class, here and in the US, display their contempt for its provisions on a daily basis.

And when the least dubious matter appears in the news, the masses run scatter propelled entirely by whatever signals the political class and the media put out.

The problem is that this experiment also obliterated the culture from out of which it sprang, one grounded in Greek and Latin, whose thought was framed by Judeo-Christian morality.

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