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In a Nutshell: The Party makes many statements on the governmental system of democracy considering it incompatible with Islam.

While acknowledging many commonalities between Islam and democracy, the Party nevertheless finds them incompatible on the matter of sovereignty, and on the basis that democracy was largely developed in the kufr lands.

The supreme role of the demos(people) in a democratic state is not acceptable for the Islamic state as envisaged by Hizb ut-Tahrir, where Allah is the only source of governance and the people are those who submit to his power. All other states where governance is not based on this principle—that is, the primacy of God—live in the state of jahiliyya (ignorance). Therefore, the Party rejects democracy and other political ideologies as being man-made, and thus un-Islamic and inherently flawed.

Due to this basic contradiction, Hizb ut-Tahrir believes it is “already in an ideological clash between the secular democratic ideology and the God-given system”. Moreover, the Party has a divine duty to bring people to the correct path, that of Islam, since with the downfall of the last Caliphate, all Muslims are in a state of jahiliyya and, by living under Western-composed concepts, their situation is only worsening. Even Islamic states like Saudi Arabia and Iran are dismissed as non-Islamic for their policy of double standards and for sharing the ideologies of the kufr.

On this point, the Party refers to pre-Islamic history when Arab tribes lived in similar state of ignorance and polytheism until the Prophet Muhammad introduced the only true religion of Islam. According to the Party, in the new world order—by God’s mercy—land, resources, and power to regulate them within the limits set by God, will be given to the people and all merits will be equally shared.

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