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What are the adopted books of the Islamic political party Hizb ut-Tahrir?

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This list comprises the core of the books adopted by Hizb ut-Tahrir appearing in Arabic and English translations.  Hizb ut Tahrir - covers why the party was established, what is the method that it follows to achieve its goals [and why], what adoption [Tabanni] of ideas and Ahkam is and why its important, and other various details regarding the work of the party.  The System of Islam - explains every important detail related to the Aqeedah of Islam and its system, as well as the Aqeedah and system of every competing ideology on earth, and the flaw in every aspect of all competing systems.  Structuring of a Party - explains the reality of a party structure, the pillars of forming it, the variables that maintain it, and the potential causes of its collapse.  Concepts of Hizb ut Tahrir - explains the main concepts Muslims must understand today to correct the core issues that have caused the decline of the Ummah.  The Essential Elements of the Islamic Disposition - explains how to strengthen and maintain one’s Iman and relationship with Allah (swt) and the vital importance of sincerity and dedication in one’s Ibadaat and intentions in order to be able to carry Islam as it should be carried and please Allah (swt).  The Islamic Personality Part 1 - main book of issues related to Aqeedah.  The Islamic Personality Part 2 - societal Ahkam.  The Islamic Personality Part 3 - usul al-fiqh, or the principles upon which the laws of Islam are derived, that Hizb ut-Tahrir follows.  The Ruling System in Islam - laws related to the structure of ruling in Islam.  The Economic System in Islam - laws related to the economy in society.  The Social System in Islam - laws related to male-female relations in society.  The Islamic State - the Seerah of the Messenger of Allah, how he ran the state, how the Sahaba managed it after him, how it declined, then fell, and how it must be re-established.  The Draft Constitution Part 1 / 2 - the proposed draft constitution of the Khilafah state, including evidences and explanations for each and every article within it.  The Khilafah - conditions of the Khilafah, and details of its reality, including what the Khilafah is not.  How the Khilafah was Destroyed - a detailed historical explanation of how the Khilafah was destroyed and who was behind its fall.  Funds in the Khilafah - an exceptional book that elaborates the details of the currency system of Islam and various issues related to it.  Khilafah State Organizations - a book on the finer details of the ruling administration within the Khilafah state structure, including how various positions are elected or appointed, and accounted and removed if necessary.  Political Thoughts - a book that explains how politics must be viewed, from the Islamic perspective, and explains how political analysis must be done.  Political Concepts - specific details related to modern political realities around the world; a very important book for anyone wishing to understand the political reality of the world around us.  The Methodology of Hizb ut Tahrir for Change - an explanation of how of the Messenger of Allah (swt) established the Islamic State the first time, and how and why Hizb ut-Tahrir follows this method today.  Dangerous Concepts - a number of dangerous concepts that are spread among Muslims in order to subvert Islam and hinder the re-establishment of the Khilafah.  Democracy is a System of Kufr - an explanation of why democracy contradicts Islam, and why it is Haram to participate in it or call to it.  The Manufacturing Policy and Building an Industrial State in Islam - a book on the laws of Islam related to heavy industry, and how to build the Khilafah industrially.

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