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Did Taqiudeen Nabhani of Hizb ut-Tahrir state he will achieve khilafah in 30 years?

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No he most certainly did not.

He said revival groups should aim to see change in their lifetime and not think they must create the foundations for later generations to establish the khilafah. Each generation has the ability to achieve this should they strive for it.

Although we aim for change in our generation and believe it can happen, the victory doesn’t lie in human hands but is determined by Allah.

"It must be noted that though the action indicated by the Tareeqah is a materialistic action which achieves tangible results, this action should be directed by the commands and prohibitions of Allah with the intention of earning Allah's pleasure. The Muslim must also be dominated by his awareness of his relationship with Allah, so he seeks nearness to Allah through salah, dua’a, recitation of the Qur’an and so on. He must also believe that Nasr is from Allah. It is necessary that Muslims maintain taqwa established in the heart to implement the rules of Allah. It is also necessary to make dua’a and to remember Allah (dhikr), and to maintain the relationship with Allah whenever undertaking all actions." (Mefahim Hizb ut Tahrir)

"In this context, a question may arise. That is the age of the nations is not measured by one generation, rather by generations; the planning for the future of the ummah must also be on the long time, such that the coming generations realise it. Then how is it said that the objective must be realised by the same generation who strive for it?

The answer to this is that the age of the nations is not measured by generations nor by hundreds of years as it is suspected. It is rather measured by decades. Within one decade the nation changes and transfers from one state to another. The practical idea can be given to the nation and attached to her within one generation, regardless of what there was of resistance, on condition that there is seriousness in thinking and seriousness in action. So the nation does not need generations nor hundreds of years; rather every idea and every action needs, in order to bring fruits in the nation, not less than one decade. For within one decade the nation can be changed. If she was subject to her enemy, she needs more than one decade, but she does not need for more than three decades under resistance.

Therefore, the movement, or the action or the idea must give fruit in the nation at the hands of the people who strive to realise this idea or this action, and not on the hands of the generations who come after them. Thus the objective should be of the type that is realised at the hands of those who strive for it. This is the condition of the thinking in the objective. It would not be an objective if those who strive for it do not realise it themselves." (Tafkeer)

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