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The total number is unclear however researchers have identified the following.

Coups were attempted in 1968 in Jordan, 1969 in Syria and 1974 in Egypt.

Moreover Hizb ut-Tahrir successfully recruited 13 Pakistani Army commandos in 2003, all of whom were later arrested and court marshalled (Dawn, October 12, 2012). In 2009, a military officer, Colonel Shahid Bashir, was arrested on the same charges (Dawn, May 14, 2009) and in 2012, Brigadier Ali Khan and four army majors were similarly charged (Dawn, August 3, 2012). According to an investigation by the military police’s Special Investigation Branch (SIB), Khan and the others were planning an aerial attack “to clear the way for establishing the Caliphate governance system in Pakistan” (Dawn, October, 12, 2012).

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